B12 Meeting Room

Building 12 Meeting Room Renovation, 2013, $250,000

This renovation consolidated multiple meeting rooms including a tiered lecture space and huddle spaces into one flat-floor meeting room capable of seating 140 occupants.

Student Services Signage, 2010

Developed an interior way finding package to clarify the path new students need to follow during the Admissions/Registration process.

Building 10 Entry Feasibility Study, 2009, $1,300,000 Est.

This study investigated the creation of a new building entry/campus entry that emphasizes the importance of the building and function inside, to the visitors or prospective students.

Admissions Area Renovation, 2009, $90,000

The renovated Admissions area will include staffed information kiosks, self-service computer terminals and public seating designed to support a new, collaborative service philosophy.

HVAC Projects, 2009-2013, $1,900,000

This project will result in the replacement of one air handling unit per year in Buildings 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Building 1, 2 & 3 Carpet Replacement and Painting, 2009, $240,000

This carpet and painting project included the replacement of over 4,000 square yards of carpet in three buildings.

Building 20 Office Carpet Replacement and Painting, 2009, $80,000

This multi-phase project included carpet replacement and painting in office suites.

Building 12 Entry Renovation, 2008, $16,000

Existing ceilings replaced with custom wood plank ceilings.

Exterior Campus Signage, 2008, $50,000

Developed a campus-wide, exterior signage package that resulted in the installation of 17 new way finding pylons.

Building 10 & 11 Renovation, 2007, $714,000

Existing space was renovated for Financial Aid. New Office space and finishes were provided for the Senior Vice President.

Building 16 Feasibility Study, 2007

This project consisted of the reorganization of the reception area and adjunct work room. A new locker room and new mailboxes were also included.

Building 11 Renovation, 2007, $305,000

Room 11346 was renovated to accommodate the relocation of Academic Advising. New carpet was provided throughout Third Floor. This project was the result of a previous study.

Building 14 Reupholstery, 2007, $10,000

Existing lounge furnishings were reupholstered in public spaces throughout Building 14.

Ponitz Sinclair Center

Ponitz Sinclair Center, 2006, $3,200,000

This renovation provided an updated image for this full service conference facility.  New finishes and furnishings were selected for seminar rooms, conference space, lecture halls and dining areas.

Building 20 Carpet Replacement, 2006, $43,000

Carpet was replaced throughout public spaces and classrooms in Building 20.

Building 10 Exterior Renovation, 2006, $124,000

This renovation included exterior masonry repair and cleaning, and expansion joint and window repairs.

Building 10 & 11 Reorganization Study, 2006

This study evaluated the organization of all student service functions, including Financial Aid, Academic Advising and Testing, in buildings 10 & 11 with the goal of creating a “one-stop center” for incoming students.

Building 12, Room 12220 Furnishings, 2005, $15,000

Selected furnishings and accessories for conference/meeting room in Room 12220 for the SCC President.

Building 13 Carpet Replacement, 2005, $65,000

Replaced carpet throughout corridors in Building 13.

Fuel Tank Replacement, 2004, $49,000

Building 19 EMS Simulator, 2004, $47,000

This project renovated space in Building 19 to replicate the conditions of an ambulance for student training purposes.

Building 5 Renovation, 2003, $150,000

This 6,000 SF renovation to the First Floor included one large computer classroom with a cluster configuration and three additional lecture classrooms, each equipped for audio/visual presentations.

Building 13 Renovation, 2003, $680,000

This project renovated 11,000 SF in Building 13 to provide a new location for the campus central computer facility.

Cyber Cafe
Cyber Cafe, 2002, $35,000

The design for the Cyber Cafe at Sinclair Community College consists of six public computer terminals arranged around a red-dyed wood wall that echoes the curve of the monolithic concrete stair above.