Lima – Galvin Hall Restroom Renovation, 2015, $650,000

Smith Lab Student Study Space

North Residential District Transformation, 2016, $305,000,000

The Ohio State University North Residential District Transformation (NRDT) is an expansion of the University’s north campus. The project includes 11 new buildings with 8 residential dormitories, 1 fitness facility, and 2 dining facilities. AMA provided design and management for all interior design components of the project.

Lima – Martha Farmer Renovation, 2013, $63,000

Smith Lab HVAC, 2014, $9,500,000

Smith Lab Student Study Space

Smith Lab Student Study Space Renovation, 2013, $380,000

Smith Lab PALET 3 Teaching Lab Renovation, 2013, $340,000

Smith Lab PALET 2 Teaching Lab Renovation, 2012, $315,000

Morehouse Renovation, 2012, $240,000

Journalism Corridor Renovation, 2011, $230,000

Smith Lab & Journalism Classroom Renovation, 2011, $230,000

Smith Lab PALET 1 Teaching Lab Renovation, 2011, $260,000

This renovation of Smith Laboratory coverts six former research spaces into a collaborative teaching environment for the Department of Physics. The technology-intensive project program is based upon the “Scale-Up” (Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs) model, designed for discussion-based, interactive Physics lectures.

Stillman Hall Room 100 Renovation, 2010, $566,000

This project resulted in the renovation of a fixed seat lecture hall increasing the capacity of the room from 180 to 210 students by more efficiently utilizing the existing space.

Classroom Feasibility Study, 2010

Smith Lab Classroom Renovations, 2010, $732,000

The Smith Lab Classroom project includes renovation of one large lecture hall seating 220, and two smaller lecture halls each with 100 seats for use by the Physics Department.

Journalism Building Renovations

Journalism Building Renovation, 2009, $860,000

This renovation project for the School of Communication includes the creation of gaming research labs, audience response research labs and audio/visual webcast recording and editing spaces for teaching and production. The large College conference room and adjacent student lounge were redesigned to express the image of this forward thinking group.

Postle Hall Dean’s Office

Postle Hall Dean’s Office, 2009, $280,000

The renovation of the Dean’s suite for the College of Dentistry includes the Dean’s office and reception area as well as a conference room that seats 30. The office suite and conference room are lined with finely detailed wood paneling, matching wood casegoods and all new seating.

Galvin Hall Classrooms, 2007, $167,000

This project renovated 4 general use classrooms in Galvin Hall on OSU’s Lima Campus.

Journalism Building Multi-Media Classroom Renovation, 2007, $334,000

This project includes the renovation of an existing TV studio and control room into a 120-seat, tiered lecture hall with extensive A/V capabilities.

Science & Engineering Library Feasibility Study, 2005, $846,000

The feasibility study considered the creation of an “information commons” in the Science and Engineering Library. This study reviewed alternate ways of grouping Library and Technology staff and amenities to better serve the needs of the students.

Kottman Hall Renovation

Kottman Hall Renovation, 2005, $360,000

This 275-seat lecture hall was renovated to provide current day AV technology for presentations, as well as a design suited to a cutting-edge University.