Completion: 2009
Cost: $11.34 M
Size: 73,460 SF
Project experience while employed by others

As part of Dayton Public Schools’ $627 million districtwide building improvement program, the new EJ Brown PK-8 building provides a 21st century learning environment and associated support spaces commensurate with a modern core curriculum. Replacing an elementary school built in the 1920s, the new school was organized into three “learning neighborhoods” centered around extended learning areas that allow places for group interaction as well as individual instruction. Careful planning allowed the creative use of space in stairwells and corridors as nooks for reading or introspection.

The new school serves as a community gathering place for after-hours events and forums. Priority boards and other citizen groups often have meetings and events at the new facility.

Of particular importance to the community was honoring the historic fabric and vernacular architecture of neighborhood. The original building’s historic character was mimicked through cast stone and brick detailing that paid homage to the original classical detailing.

A key component of the project was to redesign site access to address safety concerns expressed by the community. Bus parking and parent pick-up / drop-off areas are separated and arranged so that student pathways do not cross traffic patterns. Most students walk to the school and careful attention was paid to pedestrian access and safety.