Completion: September 2009
Cost: $355,000
Size: 5,070 SF

This renovation project of a limited scope and area redesigned Wright State University’s largest study space, transforming it into an exciting group study area containing numerous study options along with a coffee bar.

The new design acknowledges both the youthfulness of the users and the importance of varied study environments.  With a range of seating options from intimate lounge areas to 4 person café tables to large 6-8 person group study tables, the space can now more appropriately meet the diverse needs of the students.

The overall character of the project is determined by a number of related elements that define the space.  Acrylic ceiling and wall panels provide color and light and define or limit views.  Curved fabric-wrapped ceiling elements create private study niches. An intricately patterned cork floor both softens the space and provides a degree of acoustic control while reinforcing the definition of the spaces by changes in texture and pattern.