Completion: 2006
Cost: $10M
Size: 36,000 SF
Project experience while employed by others

As part of Kettering City Schools’ $102 million districtwide building improvement program, the project includes:
• New music rooms
• Two new science classrooms
• New central administration offices
• 225,000 square feet of roof replacements
• Corridor and HVAC upgrades to the approximately 330,000-square-foot academic core building

The Performing Arts Center provides state-of-the-art music rehearsal spaces for band, choir and orchestra. Several music practice rooms were designed on the mezzanine level in the band room. One of the rooms contains a programmable sound system that mimics the acoustical characteristics of various spaces. This allows performers to hear how their work would sound in other environments such as a cathedral or concert hall. Acoustical separation and room tuning were critical to the success of the spaces.
The project also includes a 200-seat auditorium used for performances, lectures and community meetings. The main lobby has been designed as an art gallery to display student work and to be used for public events.
The Performing Arts Center serves as the new main entrance to the school and establishes a striking presence facing the street. Improvements in rehearsal spaces have dramatically improved the performing arts program which has received top awards both regionally and nationally.