Completion: Design Only
Cost: $8,000,000
Size: 42,000 SF

This new school was designed to fit within the context of the 100-year-old institution. Sited to complete a primary quadrangle, the new middle school created a cohesive campus setting. The design of the building referred to the Georgian aesthetic of the existing campus, but provided a more contemporary interpretation.

The programming and planning process for this new facility included intensive work with the school’s planning committee. AMA worked closely with the committee and curriculum staff to develop a program to compliment the forward-thinking, student-centered educational philosophy of the academy.

Adaptability of the classrooms and open spaces was paramount to meeting curricular goals and was the central idea during the planning phase. The Administration wanted to create an environment open to the outdoors and filled with natural light while providing a relaxed atmosphere to promote student well-being and a sense of safety.

The building was designed to promote the “best practices” in middle school education including the creation of adaptable grade level learning communities. Each grade is centered around an open flexible space where individual learning, tutoring and group activities can extend beyond the classroom.