Completion: September 2005
Cost: $384,000
Size: 6,920 SF

The Soin Trading Center serves as a valuable resource to the students at Wright State University, professors in the Raj Soin College of Business and the local financial community.  This Wall Street interactive financial trading room combines real-time information with real-life work experience.

The Center, which serves both students and the business community, has a significant visual impact within the building.  The design solution creates views into the room with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and visually expands the space through the use of graphic panels and an extended ticker tape that runs beyond the room into the adjacent entry lobbies and lounge.  The trading room is oriented to reinforce these views and to display its activities to all who travel through the building.

The vibrant, new image for the college is reinforced with furnishings that tie into the overall aesthetic.  Transparency between the Center and the building exterior allows this new identity to be experienced from the surrounding spaces.