Completion: expected August 2016
Cost: $305,000,000
Size: 1,200,000 SF

The Ohio State University North Residential District Transformation (NRDT) is an expansion of the University’s north campus. The project includes 11 new buildings with 8 residential dormitories, 1 fitness facility, and 2 dining facilities to be completed by August 2016.

The goal of the NRDT is to create spaces that will encourage students to live on campus for a second year while facilitating communication between faculty and students. AMA worked with university stakeholders to understand and develop unique spaces for each building that would attract students and encourage collaboration.  A distinct identity has been created for each building in the District through the use of differing materials and color schemes.  This unique identity will create a sense of place for each resident.

AMA worked as part of a collaborative team of architects, engineers, and planners through all design phases and documentation of the project.

AMA provided design and management for all interior design components of the project, and worked with the design-build team to keep the interiors within budget while meeting a very aggressive schedule.  AMA was also responsible for the development and production for all exterior facades and exterior details while managing the overall aesthetic of the district.