Completion: January 1999
Cost: $12,460,000
Size: 100,000 SF
Project experience while employed by others

Sited to form a gateway entry to Wright State University’s campus, this new building relates to the older campus structures without repeating them.  Through a new composition of familiar materials and forms the building reinforces the campus image as a current, progressive institution that is rooted in the past but not bound to it.

The building is positioned to create a public plaza at the intersection of two major pedestrian paths.  The new plaza is enriched by public art and defined by paving materials, low walls and edges that connect to the campus language.

The building is organized around a central atrium, which brings light and views deep into the structure.  University Hall houses the offices of the President, Provost, Fiscal Affairs, and the College of Nursing, among others.  Flexibility was a key issue for each of these occupants.  Spaces were provided to encourage collaboration and interaction of staff, in both traditional conference rooms and informal meeting areas.

Built in the late 1990s, the building does not appear dated and continues to function as designed.  This is the result of a thoughtful planning process and consideration of long term University goals.