Completion: July 2010
Cost: $2,100,000
Size: 9,000 SF
Awards: American Institute of Architects, Dayton Chapter, 2012 Merit Award, Interior Project;
American School & University Magazine, 2012 Educational Interiors Showcase, Collegiate Citation (Grand Prize)

With this 9,000 square foot renovation of iconic Upham Hall, Miami University committed to the creation of a state of the art electron microscope facility in a 1940’s era building.

The resulting design is a leading technical and scientific facility housing exceptionally sensitive equipment.  Three foot deep isolation slabs were provided for scope rooms in order to meet stringent requirements for vibration control.  Acoustic isolation was achieved through double-wall construction, careful limitations on placement of equipment and ductwork and reduced air flow velocities from the mechanical system.

Where possible, masonry corridor walls were replaced with glass to allow for shared light and views into adjacent spaces, creating an open feel.  Large graphic glass panels with microscope imagery and a bright color palette provide visual interest.   The public space is further enlivened with places for students to interact, providing a richer, more active environment, allowing learning to spill out of the labs.

The Microscopy Lab renovation met the department’s functional needs while providing a vibrant new image that is engaging to students and reflective of the cutting-edge work of the EMF.