Completion: February 2015
Cost: $30,200,000
Size: 90,000 SF

This new interdisciplinary research laboratory provides WSU scientists, physicians and engineers a dedicated facility designed to foster collaboration and encourage innovation.  The NEC utilizes regular lab modules and modular casework which allows the facility to adjust in real time to changes in research or equipment.

Transparency is provided in many of the labs and offices, allowing natural light and views to filter deep into the interior.  This feeling of openness is consistent with the overarching goal of providing teaming spaces where researchers can gather, interact and find common ground.

The soft form of the auditorium includes a creative, complex ceiling and sophisticated AV system.  A graduate bullpen that spans the third and fourth floors has an internal stair and a covered outdoor patio overlooking the campus.  Carefully furnished to meet the graduates’ needs, the space supports individual as well as group work.

AMA provided furnishings and a pallet of materials and colors to support collaboration and interaction. AMA provided local contract administration, documenting construction and coordinating with the Design Architect and the University.