Andrew Circle AIA, LEED-AP

M. Architecture, 2010, University of Cincinnati
B. Science, Architecture, 2008, University of Cincinnati
Registered Architect 2013, State of Ohio

Andrew’s recent experience includes serving as Project Architect on two new buildings at Wright State University and one complex renovation at the University of Cincinnati. Leveraging program, budget and schedule, Andrew helped create unique solutions that elevate the quality of design on campus. His creativity, technical understanding and documentation skills were critical to the success of each project. Andrew has an ability to see beyond the functional issues, providing innovative conceptual ideas that lead to higher level solutions.

Notable Projects

Project Architect
Wright State University, Student Success Center
Wright State University, Rike Hall Coffee Bar Addition
Bowling Green State University, Huntington Building Renovation
Wright State University, Rinzler Student Sports Complex
University of Cincinnati, Muntz 100 Level Renovation


What do you want people to think / feel / see / experience when entering a space you have designed?
My goal is for occupants to feel as if the design exists exactly as it should be, without any reason to add or remove anything. Everything in a project is aligned to that goal, and when successful, I think this is the height of successful design.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of the job is when I can take the tangle of competing interests that are part of every project and convert them into a concept that bring clarity and meaning to the design.